mSpace Open Source Released

19th Dec 2008 | Posted by: Daniel Alexander Smith

The mSpace development team is proud to announce that we have made the first mSpace open source (GPL) release available, at
We have included a sample data set (the same one used in the Classical Music demo at ), and a sample mSpace configuration to do with it.
The download is also bundled with an installation guide, that covers the prerequisities. We're also working on getting this information up on our documentation wiki at, which will be the first port of call for any troubleshooting.
We're in the process of figuring out whether a mailing list or a forum would allow us to provide the most efficient technical support that we can for this release, and in the interim, please send any technical questions to "support NOSPAM at mspace dot fm".
There are a number of refinements in the pipeline, and the progress on those will be added here.

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